The Firewall Grill

firewall grill 01This is the barbeque grill of a true fire aficionado.

Designed by chimney sweeps, the Firewall takes backyard grilling to a whole new level.

The unique chimney shape channels heat from the fire directly up and through the food, making sure your food stays hot while keeping smoke away from your face.

grill over wood 01

It’s all about the fire.

The dual-firebox design allows you to cook with charcoal in the top tray, or with wood in the insulated firebox below.

The double jacketed “firewall” surrounding the grill keeps a layer of warm air trapped inside, keeping the outside cooler and the inside hotter for the perfect meal.

Built to last.

Rugged 14-gauge steel construction inside and out will keep the Firewall roaring for a long time.  No moving parts to wear and warp.  Replaceable firebrick in the firebox.

From firegrill to firepit.

The Firewall Grill moves effortlessly from hardcore culinary creation to cozy ambiance.  Craft your dinner over a wood fire, and then sit back and savor the warm glow of your outdoor “fireplace”.  Roast marshmallows.  Sing campfire songs.  Tell stories.

It’s your grill.

The Firewall Grill has made several public appearances, including multiple appearances on national television! Click here to catch it “in the wild”, or check out WKYT’s coverage of the Firewall Grill: