The Design

firewall grill 1 with measurements - smallUnique Chimney Shape

The Firewall Grill’s unique design lets you stay by the fire longer.  Heat and smoke are channeled up through the vertical “chimney” column, keeping your food piping hot and your face in the clear.

All Steel Construction

Every inch of the Firewall is made of metal, built to withstand anything your dinners can throw at it.

Air Insulated

The double-wall construction keeps a stack of warm air between the two walls, keeping the outside of the grill cooler and the inside of the grill hotter and ready to take on your dinner.

Grill Almost Anywhere

The charcoal tray and griddle are both removable.  Fill the tray with charcoal briquettes and grill traditionally, or pull the charcoal tray out and grill right over the firebox.  Heck, grill right on the charcoal tray — we won’t judge.

Replaceable Firebrick

The firebox works like the interior of a wood stove — as the bricks age (it happens) they are easily replaced, keeping your Firewall grilling.

Storage Area

For firewood, extra firebrick, or your tools of the trade — you decide.

The Firewall is designed to be fastened to a nonflammable surface such as a concrete or brick deck or patio.  Insulating pads are available for installation on other surfaces.  Please contact us for more information.