Options and Pricing


Beautify the outer jacket.

The Firewall Grill comes standard with a heavy-duty, 14-gauge steel interior and exterior which will patina to a light rust color with exposure to weather.

Differentiate yourself from the hoi polloi by dressing your Firewall Grill in a weather-resistant stainless steel or brilliant copper outer jacket.  (Copper will turn a rich green, then brown, with time.)

  • Steel outer jacket – $1650 + tax
  • Stainless outer jacket – $2150 + tax
  • Copper outer jacket – $2650 + tax.

Shipping is FREE in the continental US!

Choose a rugged safety screen.

This beautiful yet functional screen keeps curious children and pets from getting a little too excited about the Firewall Grill.  The screen is included with your grill — you choose whether or not to cage the flames.  If no little ones are around, set your fire free!